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Dr. DJ Carey
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Dr Carey is a 1985 graduate of National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois. He received a Doctorate in Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. Awards in academic excellence included Cum Laude and a special award for excellence in the field of anatomy. Prior to attending his Doctorate training he attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

Dr Carey is a member of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association and most recently has joined the American Academy of Pain Management. The American Academy of Pain Management is the nation's largest interdisciplinary organization serving doctors who treat patients with acute/chronic pain syndromes. This organization publishes a quarterly magazine and continuing education classes to keep doctors in the field current with the most advanced treatment for musculoskeletal pain syndromes.

Dr Carey has also currently finished his first year of a three year post graduate Orthopedic residency program. Once this program is completed he will be certified with the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists. This unique program offers advanced training in diagnostic imaging (i.e., MRI, CT and Bone Scan Interpretation), physical rehabilitation, medical care management and diagnostics.

Dr Carey's clinical focus is on the conservative management of patients with musculoskeletal conditions affecting the spine, pelvis and extremities. He is dedicated to fostering the integration of chiropractic care with the most advanced treatment techniques for relief of pain and suffering.


  • 9/04-present National University of Health Sciences; Columbus, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois;
  • Post Graduate Orthopedic Diplomate Program
  • National College of Chiropractic; Chicago, Illinois.
  • Degrees: Doctorate of Chiropractic, 1985
  • Bachelor of Science, Human Biology 1982
  • Awards: Cum Laude, Anatomy Award for special excellence in the field of Anatomy
  • Marshall University; Huntington, West Virginia
  • Morehead University; Morehead Kentucky
  • Dawson-Bryant High School; Coal Grove, Ohio


  • 1999- Present Carey Chiropractic & Rehabilitation; Proctorville, Ohio; Private Practice
  • 1985-1999 Ironton Chiropractic Clinic and Ironton Medical and Rehabilitation; Ironton, Ohio; Chiropractic Physician and Associate Director for multidisciplinary Practice
  • 1984-1985 Chicago General Health Services; Chicago, Illinois; Internship
  • 1984 National College of Chiropractic, Student Internship; Chicago, Illinois


  • Scoliosis Analysis and Treatment; Dr Mawhiney 1985
  • Gonstead Technique; Dr Cox 1986
  • X-ray Study Normal Variants and Pathology of the Spine; Dr Grilliot 1986-1987
  • Gonstead Tachnique; Dr Cox 1988-1989
  • Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Injuries; Dr Croft 1990
  • The Painful Lower Extremity; multidisciplinary speakers, Jewish Hospital Cincinnati, OH 1991
  • Industrial Injuries and Repetitive Trauma Syndromes; r Jeters 1992
  • Evaluation of Permanent Impairment; Dr Stanley 1993
  • Clinical Neurology; Dr Swenson 1994
  • Cervical Whiplash Symposium; Dr Grilliot 1995
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Certification for Soft Tissue Injuries; Dr Moore 1995
  • Electro-diagnosis; Dr Humphreys 1996
  • Whiplash Injury and Treatment; Dr Murphy 1997
  • Becoming A Doctor of Documentation; Dr Fischer 1998
  • The Painful Upper Extremity; multidisciplinary speakers, Jewish Hospital, Cincinnati, OH 1999
  • Evaluation of Permanent Impairment; Dr Ranavaya 2000
  • Physical Rehabilitation of the Spine; Dr Johnson 2001
  • Myofascial Pain and Trigger Point Therapy; Dr Lowe 2002
  • Advances and Pitfalls in Diagnostic Imaging; Dr Martensen 2003
  • Biomechanics Beyond the Basics; Brad Carlson CPT 2003

CHIROPRACTIC ORTHOPEDICS DIPLOMATE PROGRAM: University of Health Sciences, Columbus, OH and Chicago, Illinois 2004-2005

  • The Pathological Lumbar Intervertebral Disc; September 25-26, Dr Skogsbergh and Dr Matt Kowalski
  • Lumbar Stenosis and Posterior Element Disorders; October 30-31, Dr Skogsbergh and Dr Matt Kowalski
  • Sacroiliac Joint and Lumbar Spine Trauma; November 20-21, Dr Skogsbergh and Dr Matt Kowalski
  • Failed Back Syndromes, Infections, Tumors, Fractures; December 18-19, Dr Skogsbergh and Dr Matt Kowalski
  • Scoliosis Evaluation and Treatment, January 30-31, Dr Skogsbergh
  • Thoracic Spine & Rib Cage Trauma, February 19-20 Dr Skogsbergh
  • Cervical Spine Development, March 19-20 Dr Skogsbergh
  • Cervical Spine Trauma Part I, April 22-23 Dr Skogsbergh
  • Cervical Spine Trauma Part II, May 21-22 Dr Skogsbergh
  • Cervical Spine Stenosis, Myelopathy and DJD, June 25-26 Dr Skogsbergh Columbus , Ohio
  • Cervical Spine Head Trauma (Post Concussion Syndrome), Headaches Vertigo/Dizziness, September 17-18, Dr Humphreys Chicago, Illinois
  • Shoulder 1 Impingement Syndromes January 14-15, 2006 Dr. Skogsbergh
  • Shoulder 1 Impingement Syndromes March 11-12, 2006 Dr. Skogsbergh
  • Rehabilitation of the Spine Session I&II April 29-30, 2006 Dr. Yeomans, Columbus, Ohio
  • Managing Documentation and Rehabilitation August 20-21, 2006 Columbus, Ohio
  • Success in an Era of Growing Acceptance August 05-06, 2007 Columbus, Ohio
  • Chiropractic Rehabilitation:  Acute & Chronic Conditions October 13-14, 2007 Columbus, Ohio
  • Understanding Chronic Pain Syndromes October 18-19th, 2008 Columbus, Ohio
  • Evaluation and Management of Auto Accident Injuries December 2-3, 2008
  • Online Chiro Credits 2008
  • Clinical Sciences Symposium:  The Future of Spinecare & Advances in Peripheral Nerve Imaging Dr. Durrant: Radiculopathy, Plexopathy & Peripheral Neuropathies Dr. Simon:  Diagnostic Imaging of Disc Lesions with Radiculopathic Involvement Dr. Hosler:  Diagnosis & Management of Metabolic Myopathies Dr. Radford June 13th, 2009 Columbus, Ohio
  • 2009 Medicare Changes and Claim Reimbursement July 28th, 2009 Huntington, WV
  • Evidenced Based Chiropractic:  A 21st Century Practice Model Dr. James Chestnut; Lumbar MRI & Spondylolisthesis Dr. Terry Yochum November 7-8th, 2009 Columbus, Ohio
  • Neurology for Health Dr. Dan Murphy March 12-13th, 2011 Columbus, Ohio  


  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners: Parts I, II and Clinical Competency
  • Licensed Chiropractic Physician: Ohio August 1985 License Number 1126, Kentucky August 1995 License Number 4242, West Virginia August 2009 License Number 905


  • American Academy of Pain Management July 2005-present
  • Ohio State Chiropractic Association:  1985-present
  • South Central Chiropractic Society: 1985-present


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